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Knitting again.

As soon as my doctor imposed crafting ban of 2 weeks ended I was back crafting. I needed to knit some socks for MrK as it was our 8th wedding anniversary and socks is what I do. I found a … Continue reading

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You don’t want to know how many times i have thought about this post over the last couple of days and every time it was titled March. I cannot believe April has gone. This month i finished 7 books. The … Continue reading

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Some finished crafting.

I’m trying the seperate posts that i asked you about in my last post. Let me know what you prefer. Anyway, yes some finished crafting. This stitching i started last year, in about August when we were having a rough … Continue reading

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Heres a surprise

Snow day. We woke up this morning to find SNOW! A day off school for Boy10 and a day off work for MrK. It’s been lovely. MrK walked Sox and then played in the garden with Boy10. They covered an … Continue reading

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No, not a book this time but actually some crafting. I have finished my 2nd jumper this year. I started this on February 10th so it hasn’t taken long at all. Again its Elizabeth Zimmermann’s seamless raglan sweater from the … Continue reading

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So did it work?

Yes! Leaving the kindle upstairs meant that i got on with crafting and creating instead of reading. I managed this today. For a long time i have wanted to play with log cabin blocks so i decided today was the … Continue reading

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Today, l have done…..

….nothing. Well, nothing that l was probably supposed to do. I got up this morning and had my first cigarette at 9am. Yep, the giving up wasn’t happening today. I have cut back though. I have decided that just saying … Continue reading

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