A bit of everything.

I have finished the spinning from the last post and it is now a 2 ply.


This little bit on the front bobbin is all I had left over.
I can live with that.
Its very nice this spinning, lots of different greens. I don’t know the yardage yet as its still on the bobbin but I suspect it falls short of the 300 yards I always try for.

Knitting has been happening. Still plain stocking stitch socks on the small 12″ circular needle.


These are finished….

These have been started……



They are taking ages because I only pick them up occasionally. They are for me so no rush.

A Wurm hat has been finished….



I’ve had this in my Ravelry queue for years and finally decided to knit it. I used King Cole Riot DK in domino and I made the larger size.
The pattern is well written and easy to follow, I love the way the yarn has shaded in the hat and I have worn it almost constantly since I finished.

More knitting…..


Zuzus petals cowl by Carina Spencer.
This is a pay for pattern on ravelry, £3.29 / $5.00 but definitely worth it, I have made this pattern twice now from handspun.


This time I made it from some black sparkle wool I spun at the beginning of the year.
This feels a slight bit itchy on my neck so I am considering undoing it but I don’t know what else to knit it into yet so will keep trying it.
Its a lovely pattern though and everyone comments on it.
With it being a cowl with a shawl front it is so easy to wear.

Cross stitch for Christmas….


This tiny pattern is about 2.5″ square if I remember right without getting up to measure it.
I do love using variegated thread.



Variegated thread once again.
This turned out exactly how I wanted it to.

Both of these are going to be turned into little pin cushion type hanging ornaments. I have little silver bells to go at the bottom too.

Just a matter of finding time to sew them up now.

Sewing has been happening.


A little bit of quilt sewing.


Two different quilt tops, both involving dots.
These are going to be gifted overseas.
I was thinking they were maybe too small as I usually do rectangles and these are just 45″ square but I am beginning to like the square shape.

Finally, a bit of reading has happened.
I have fallen behind with reading this year and this is book 32 of the year.


Mercy by Jodi Picoult.
I really enjoyed this although it did take me about a month to read, not quite sure why.
It starts as a story about a mercy killing but ends as a story about love and loyalty. As with all Jodi Picoult books I have read it leaves me with lots to think about.

Next is something quick and easy..


I love Milly Johnson books. They are easy escapism, I’m so looking forward to starting this.

I think thats it, well done if you are still reading.
I didn’t intend to go on so long but I think I have caught up wih everything now.

Take care.x


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I craft, any craft will do.
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