Knitting again.

As soon as my doctor imposed crafting ban of 2 weeks ended I was back crafting.

I needed to knit some socks for MrK as it was our 8th wedding anniversary and socks is what I do.
I found a sock pattern called The Great Eight by Tobi Beck, a free ravelry pattern.
I started these on the Friday morning, our anniversary was the Tuesday. I had ordered the wool before the crafting ban so all I had to do was knit.




These were a very easy knit. Its an eight stitch 7 round repeat so fast and easy.
The wool is a solid grey by King Cole.
Its an ok wool for socks but after using balmoral, 4 ply from world of wool for his last socks this felt really thin
I finished at 4.20pm on the Tuesday night.
I had unfortunately been struck down with a viral infection over the weekend so had spent a lot of time alone in bed so it didn’t spread through every one else which gave me much needed knitting time.
I enjoyed knitting these after so long not crafting.

I spent a lot of time watching podcast videos on you tube while in bed and while not crafting. Stitch Addiction podcast is a favorite at the moment, I think I’m on episode 28 now.
I still read blogs through feedly but its nice to hear a voice and easier to be crafting at the same time as watching.
I have no plans to start podcasting though.

I have started a new project thanks to the above podcast. ‘Hello knitty’ who is the star of Stitch Addiction knits socks, hats, cowls and shawls and also cross stitches so its perfect for me to listen to.
She has knit a few hitchhiker shawls which is one that has had my interest for a while. I was concerned there may be short rows in the pattern which I really don’t like doing so I went searching for pattern advice on Ravelry.
I don’t think there are short rows.
It was mentioned in one of the forums that Spiral Staircase Shawl by LizAnn Petch is quite similar.
I went to look and this pattern seems to curve which is good as I want it to curve, hitchhiker does not, it has a straight edge.
This one is free which makes the pattern worth having a look at even if I don’t knit it.
It was just what I was looking for.
Its a very easy pattern to do, its garter stitch with 1 yarn over each row and then casting off at one side after so many rows.
I am so enjoying knitting this, I’m knitting it out of drops alpaca and it is so soft. I only have 2 x 50g of this and I’ve just started the 2nd ball. I’m going to see how it goes but I may end up buying more.



Isn’t it just so pretty?


I have finished The Stolen Girl by Renita D’ Silva and I loved this book.
When I first started it I was a bit apprehensive as I always want a new book to live up to the expectations I have put on it.
I didn’t think this would do but it did.
It was a lovely, lovely story about family and friendships.
It is told in the words of the 3 main characters and jumps from the past to the present quite a bit but it is very easy to follow.
It starts with a woman being arrested in front of her 13 year old daughter for her kidnapping when she was a baby.
The story is then told in the words of the daughter, the kidnapper and the mother.
It is really interesting and I was sad to get to the end of this.
It is £1.59 at the moment on kindle.
I have also bought The Forgotten Daughter by Renita D’Silva for £1.59 as I enjoyed it so much.

I have started Me Without You by Kelly Rimmer.


This is also £1.59 on kindle at the moment and has really good reviews.
I am quite excited about this one and I just need to find the time to actually sit down and read.

Thats it for now I think.
I wil try to get back soon.
Hope everyone is crafting away and reading – whatever makes you happy!


About Tracey.

I craft, any craft will do.
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