Back again.

Trying this again as it may be me or something may have changes since i last did any posting.
On wordpress site and direct on my blog page I could see photos on yesterdays post but on feedly I couldn’t – strange.
Let me know if you could see photos please.
Lets try again.

I’m not going to go through all the crafting I have done since I was last here so I’ll just pick certain items that I am probably most pleased about.


Lol, as I was scrolling through photos my finger hit this one of Sox asleep so I’m going to keep it here.


This I am really pleased with and was my last completed project before the RSI crafting ban.
This is a biscornu pattern but I wanted to frame it flat.
Biscornus are made from 2 pieces of work and then sewn together at an angle to make a clever decoration or pin cushion.
The chart above is a free one from

I used a very pretty variagated brown dmc embroidery cotton for this and I just love it.


I had started a Christmas one just before the crafting ban started byt as its a smaller one it could possibly still be finished in time.

There are lots of biscornus on my pinterest inspiration board.  (Tracey Hickson-knittywittywoo).

A knitting finish was this jumper.



I am really really pleased with this.
Its a really large baggy jumper, (I made size xxxl and have since lost weight so its even bigger) to wear over leggings in the winter.

The pattern is 150-31 Arctic Circle Sweater by drops design and its free.

I did think the colourwork at the yoke would be hard but it really wasn’t. The decreases are there too but if you just follow the pattern and concentrate it is easy to do.
I used an acrylic woolcraft new fashon double knitting yarn so I am hoping it will wash well.

All my details are on my ravelry page.

My page would not be complete without socks.



These are Fletchmuster socks.
A free pattern on Ravelry by Simi76.
I used my favorite at the moment heel, fish lips kiss by Sox therapist.
I made these for MrK and he loves them. I really enjoyed knitting these and would possibly knit the pattern again.
The wool was new to me, balmoral in the pebble colourway by World of Wool.
I will definitely use this again, it feels lovely and washes great.



Happypotomus, pattern by Heidi Bears.
This pattern costs £4.16 but OMG there are millions of pages, ok not millions but there are 35!!!
This pattern is so detailed it is well worth the money. There are 2 different ways to do the motifs all written amd charted for each shape and a very detailed explanation of how to join it all together at the end.
I made this from stylecraft special dk in white, fondant and raspberry, wih a 2.5mm hook, it was lots of fun. Although I do still have his ears to attach, I forgot those.


Also a giraffe by Emma Dent.
This is a free pattern on Ravelry.
Again done in stylecraft special dk but wih a 3mm hook.
This was fun too.

I didn’t think I would like making toys but they are quick fun projects.

Just a quick reading update before I go.

I finished A Single Breath by Lucy Clarke yesterday and found it a lovely book.
If you liked Gone Girl you’d enjoy this. Even though I guessed some of the story there was still more inyrigue to keep me guessing and pages turning.


Now I have started Stolen Girl by Renita D’Silva.
This looks like a more intense read so may take me a while.


Thanks for reading, I hope to be back soon and I hpe the photos appear this time or this post will look really bad.


About Tracey.

I craft, any craft will do.
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3 Responses to Back again.

  1. picperfic says:

    wow…you’ve been busy..I especially like the crochet hippo…I am making a ripple throw with Stylecraft Special DK and I am loving it so much! Maybe I’ll make a multi coloured hippo to match lol

  2. Debbie Robinson (furballmad) says:

    Love the cross stitch, the varigated yarn looks lovely, sadly my eyesight won’t stretch to cross stitch anymore. Thankyou for the sock yarn recommendation. Other half is allergic to wool so always on the lookout for nice non wool.
    P.S Is the craft ban self imposed?

  3. Tina says:

    I love your cross stitch piece and now I can see how variegated threads can by used. Great socks and sweater, and the hippo is adorable!

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