This is definitely my favorite time of year. The darker nights make me feel all snuggly with hot chocolate and hand knitted socks, and I just love the colours changing in nature.
Today is the first day in a long time that I have woken up to a dark rainy day. I’m loving it.
Of course it helps if you are inside and as I have nowhere to go until work at lunchtime and as it is raining we will probably be kept inside, then back home the rain doesn’t bother me.
I may possibly be out with Sox later but as thats not until late evening the rain will probably have gone.

Anyway, what, you may ask am I doing here?

I am on a 2 week all crafting ban by my doctor who has diagnosed me with RSI in my right elbow. 😦

I went to see him on Thursday as my elbow and wrist had hurt and I had already put myself on a no knitting ban the previous Friday, crochet and cross stitch didn’t seem to hurt as much. Anyway it was still hurting more every day so I thought I’d best get it checked out. I came away with a fortnight of anti inflammatories and if its no better to go back for nerve tests. I so want it to get better but so far, day 4 of tablets and its no better. My little finger hurts whatever I do which I think is a bad sign so I am unable to do ANY crafting on doctors orders and I can tell you, I am slowly going MAD!

I am trying to fill my time but hoovering and ironing, even though they need doing hurt as its a repetitive movement. I’m even trying to hold my phone differently and in my left hand as that could be a factor too.
Wish me luck for the next 2 weeks.
Its amazing how much crafting I do without being aware of it.
It was suggersted.I could watch DVD’s but I knit while watching tv, its very rare I sit still.
The one thing I am doing is reading and alot of pinterest(ing) which is like taking a dieter to cadbury chocolate world.

So, reading, one thing I can do.


I have finished Tangled Lives by Hilary Boyd.
I enjoyed the other books of hers I have read, nice and light, nothing too much hard work and can be picked up at will and the story will be remembered.
Maybe why it took me 5 weeks to finish this.
I enjoyed it but it didn’t grab me.
I’ve just gone to read the reviews and it seems a lot of people felt the same.


Also finished The Accident by C L Taylor.

Now this one I do recommend. I saw this in a shop last weekend and didn’t buy it but its one of those that I got home and wished I had. I googled what I could remember of the story to get the title and was then pleasantly surprised to find I had already much  previously downloaded it on the kindle.

This was every bit as good as I hoped it would be.

While her daughter is in a coma, Sue Jackson has to try to find out why it is that her daughter, Charlotte apparently just walked under a bus. The storyline twists and turns as we find more and more about Charlottes life previous to the accident and her Mum’s life before she had Charlotte.

Fans of Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn will definitely enjoy this.


Reading now, A Single Breath by Lucy Clarke.

Very, very good. Also in a similar thread to The Accident and Gone Girl.
This hooked me from the very first page and its keeping me guessing all the way through so far (73%).

Right, I didn’t plan this post to be so long and now my little finger is protesting at typing. 😦

If you want to follow what I am reading, I am on.goodreads as Knittywittywoo, come say hi.

I am knittywittywoo everywhere, Ravelry, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest—– come find me.

Thanks for reading (lol).
I’ll be back soon.


About Tracey.

I craft, any craft will do.
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