2nd post – I’m doing well.

I am going to try to post regularly now, I had a year off and it was great but I did find myself missing blogging.
A year seemed like a nice amount of time to let pass before I came back.

There is no point me trying to do a year long catch up post. That would take forever.
If you do fancy seeing what i have been up to, I am knittywittywoo everywhere. Facebook, twitter, instagram, ravelry, in fact if you put knittywittywoo into google theres a good chance it could be me…..come and find me.

More recently I have yet again been bitten by the crochet bug. I am STILL crocheting roses….
If you don’t have Mollie Makes magazine issue 12, I have found THIS blog post explaining how they are made. I still don’t think I have finished yet.


…..and I even managed 3 more this afternoon while watching 12 years a slave on dvd….all I will say is what a sad story and uncomfortable viewing at times but I felt that to turn it off would be disrespectful as its a true story. I just watched it while they lived through it.
I made pretty roses at the time though….


These 3 are from the same skein of hand dyed handspun. I love the subtle differences in shading there are between them.

I’ve made a crochet jacket / cardigan. The pattern is granny shrug by Kirsty of Kootoyoo , its free on ravelry.


This was so easy to make, its basically 2 hexagons, folded and sewn together.


I’m not sure about the sleeves as they are very wide.

I have started a second one as I enjoyed making this one so much.


I have no idea what this yarn is, or the last one as they were on cones I was gifted.
This is a light beige colour with flecks of blue and lilac.
On this jacket I took advice from other ravellers who had made this. Once the sleeve was the depth I wanted I have just carried on crocheting around the other 3 edges. Its kind of like a granny stripe with 2 corners in the centre (if that makes sense).

Tonight I have sat down to do some sock knitting. I have some plain stocking stitch socks in a bag, ready for whenever I leave the house.


Both socks were the same length as the sock in the centre. As I sat down I realised I was fed up of doing plain stocking stitch socks and ripped one back to the ribbed cuff. I’ll continue now in 2×2 rib. Not too exciting but I do have the second of my esther socks to do for when I have concentration time.


I am still continueing to read, at the moment I’m enjoying Jodi Picoult. I’m currently reading Plain Truth and I’ve just finished Sing me home.


I am really enjoying this book and I’ve already gained quite a collection of Jodi Picoult both as books and on the kindle to read. Psst, you can find me on goodreads too as knittywittywoo and see what I am reading or read.

If you are looking for a good crafty blog to read, I can recommend COZY THINGS I found it yesterday and sat and read every post. It was like finding a lovely magazine to read.

Gosh, I can still ramble on.

Thanks for reading.x


About Tracey.

I craft, any craft will do.
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