I hadn’t realised it had been so long since i last posted.


77p / kindle I finished Star Fish by Nicola May and enjoyed it. Unfortunately i didn’t enjoy it as much as her other 3 as on goodreads i have only given it 3 stars. The story centres on Amy, looking for love through a dating agency. She decides to date a different person from each star sign. Its an entertaining book but for me was too similar to Nicola May’s book Working it out which was 12 jobs in 12 months. It was an ok read i suppose, i enjoyed it but if i’d read this first i probably wouldn’t have gone for the other Nicola May books that i have enjoyed. I’m knittywittywoo over on goodreads too if you want to see what i’ve read without trawling through all my posts. After Star Fish i went back to Nick Alexander and read The case of the missing boyfriend.


40p / kindle. This i loved. No surprise as i loved The half life of Hannah i read in January. This is all about CC, nearly 40 and single. On paper her life is wonderful, great friends, great job but she is missing ‘the boyfriend’. This was a wonderful story that i immediately got engrossed in. I was sorry when it finished. Then i was delighted to find a sequel.


59p / kindle I won’t tell the story behind this as it would spoil the first book. Just to say it is every but as good. The characters are the same and i was equally as sad to finish this one. I’ve finished a paperback book i bought at the charity shop.


20p / charity shop Marian Keyes never disapoints. Her books are always well written and you instantly feel part of the great family you are reading about. The books always centre around a great big loving irish family. All the Marian Keyes books i have read have been lovely. Now.


59p / kindle Fifty reasons to say goodbye by Nick Alexander. After the 3 i have read of his before i was excited to find a series. This is the first book detailing Mark’s search for a boyfriend. I gave this book 2 stars. I had read the reviews prior to reading it so knew it was graphic but it was too graphic for me. Also i never felt i actually knew Mark apart from his search for love. I would have liked to have known more about his friends, job and life. It was well written but just not for me. I won’t be reading the rest of the series. Right, thats what i’ve read recently. Well done if you’ve got this far. I’ve also been crafting and i’ll come back later with another post for that. The kindle prices are correct at this present time.
Thanks for reading. Take care.

(don’t know whats happened to this post. I had paragraphs and everything but when i hit publish all the words have merged together).


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