Whats on the kindle?

Today my finish has been Working it out by Nicola May.


It will come as no surprise that i loved this.

The writing style was different to the last one i read by Nicola May, The school gates but it was just as good.

In some ways this was easier to read as there were less characters but they filled the book completely.

The story centres around Ruby who is made redundant from her job just before Christmas.

As shes now 30 she decides she wants a job that she loves and allows herself 12 months in 12 different jobs to find the one she wants.

Some of the jobs are nice, some not so nice but she touches the lives of everyone she comes into contact with.

Add to the story a fiery irish friend, a drunk tramp, a lovely neighbour and a gorgeous gardener and the fun starts as she’s also searching for long lasting meaningful love.

I also found it interesting that theres a couple of characters from The School Gates in this book, making you think of a nice happy community between the books.

The book was lovely, the relationships Ruby has with the people in her life are genuine and touchingly realistic.

Ruby seems to be the friend we’d all like to have, i certainly would.

I found this book a really good read and couldn’t put it down in the end, reading over 50% this evening.
Its just the kind of book i love, realistic, likeable characters living the believeable, fun life i kind of wished i had done.

I’m quite loyal to writers once i find one i like so the next book is also a Nicola May one, Better Together.I’m interested to see the style of writing this one contains.


At this moment both books are £1.53 each on kindle.

Thanks for reading.
Take care.x


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