I’m on a roll.

Yes, another finish.
I’m doing quite well with the finishes.
I’m trying not to start anything new until i have finished some long overdue wip’s.

Here is yesterdays finish.


Its ‘blue flowers’ tatty teddy cross stitch.
I started this early last year – see what i mean about long overdue wip’s.

To be honest it didn’t need alot doing to it yesterday. Just some back stitching around the bear to make him fluffy and then the stitching details on the body.
Those are my least favorite bits but very essential.

I love it now.

I have no idea what i want to do with it, panel on a tote bag or cushion are top contenders at the moment. Its just in a frame on my desk until i decide.

I was hoping for another finish today.

Crochet blanket, started August 2011, yes, i know, nearly 2 years.

I only had the ends to sew in, then this happened –


I noticed one of my join as you go squares was coming undone.
Not a problem, i took it out to make another to replace it.

I took it to lay on the bed to check i had all the ends sewn in.


See the missing square?

Yep, 2 more have joined that one. Thats 3 replacement squares i have to make now.

I hate this blanket!!!!!!

I loved making the squares and i love the colours i chose but i don’t like it.

I have another the same design, different colours i have started. Typical!
I will make this different though, i may join the squares afterwards and i may use knots.

Thats it for now, i’m going to sit and knit my socks or read the kindle for the rest of the night.

Thanks for reading.
Take care.x


About Tracey.

I craft, any craft will do.
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2 Responses to I’m on a roll.

  1. Ooh you’re on a role with the WIPs! Good luck completing the rest!

  2. LucyLadley says:

    Such pretty cross stitch & crochet! Thanks for sharing!

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