Whats on the kindle?

I have finished The love of my life by Louise Douglas.


This was a lovely read.

The first 20% i managed to pace myself over 5 days but today i picked it up and had to finish it.

Although it is a sad story it is told beautifully.

The main characters are Olivia and Luca Felicone.
The story starts when Luca is killed in a car crash so we never get to know Luca in the present tense.

The story really revolves around how his wife, Olivia and his family cope with their grief.
Although this is not a sad book at all, it is highly charged with emotion but not focusing just on the sad side of grief. Its a beautiful love story.

All the main characters are well written so you get a real feel for who they are and their position in the family.

Olivia is easy to love as the story centres on the present and the past and it is easy to sympathise with her feelings as we get to know her.
It shows how what is happening in the present is really shaped by the past.

It is a beautiful and haunting story, though not sad, well written and gripping to keep the pages turning.

I really can recommend this book, i loved it.

At the moment its is 59p in the kindle store with 4.5 stars from 550 reviews.

Now started ‘Working it out’ by Nicola May.


I have only read the 1st paragraph but can already tell i won’t be able to put this down either.

Thanks for reading.
Take care.x


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