Today is 9th March and i have already started and finished 3 books this month.




I can absolutely say that i enjoyed every one of these 3 and i would highly recommend them if you enjoy light, fun, easy to read books. The Sophie King books i was sorry to finish as i was enjoying them so much, the last one read in only 2 days.

The next one on the kindle is….


I’m looking forward to this one as i’ve also bought The love of my life, also by Louise Douglas. At the time of writing, these are the kindle prices for all the above books.

Head over heels – £1.99

The school run – £1.53

Divorce for beginners – 99p

Missing you – 66p

The love of my life – 66p

I am really enjoying reading once more. I haven’t properly read for 6 years, since i started knitting. I had forgotten just how much i enjoy losing myself in a story. Luckily Boy10 is a great reader too.

Unfortunately with all this reading, something has to give and this week its been housework (obviously) and crafting.

I have a new crocheted scarf i have finished to show you though.


This is from some of my hand dyed, hand spun merino. The pattern is Zen and is by Robyn Chachula. Its a free pattern but i can’t link as i’m writing this on my mp3 player. Its really quite easy to do and grows quickly. I was going to block it but its turned out a nice size as it is.


Ignore the face, look at the scarf. I was just about to do the afterniin school run. I much prefer my hand spun crocheted. Thanks for reading. Take care.


About Tracey.

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One Response to Wow.

  1. LucyLadley says:

    Love the merino scarf!

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