Update + some spinning.

Tonight l have had my last cigarette.

Do you want to know how l know?

Today l have been great again.
Me and Boy10 have had a great day. We went to see Wreckit Ralf (rubbish), then Boy10 had a hair cut and we had lunch out with a lovely wander around the shops.

Not once did i want a cigarette.

Not until MrK came home (again).

I knew i had cigarettes in the car. I’m not daft enough to have any in the house.
I figured i may aswell smoke them as i can manage perfectly well throughout the day. Then they’d be gone and so would evening temptation.

So thats what i did.
4 of them and then l had a bath.
Perfectly fine, no cigarettes left and no money to buy more.

I got out the bath and went to eat my tea that MrK had lovingly prepared.

It was 9pm.

Then everything changed.
Within 10 minutes i was in bed feeling like death.

My head was spinning, i felt sick, i was freezing and out of breath. Also shaky and a little frightened.

1 and a half hours i spent there before getting back up and feeling ok.

I was poisoned!
I poisoned myself!

With nicotine!

My body has got used to not having nicotine, quite happily and easily, without withdrawals or cravings.

My body sees cigarettes for the poison they are.
My head has now caught up and l can quite honestly 100% say i’ve smoked my last cigarette.

In 24 years of smoking i have never felt like that before.

This proves to me that reading the book has worked, even if it has taken 5 days for it to get into my head properly.

That will be it now, no more long updates.

I will do a review of the book i read, hopefully tomorrow and i will keep you informed about the benefits i am feeling, they started within 24 hours of stopping.

Still counting Saturday as stop day, the 7 i have had in the last 5 days have helped me to stay stopped, if you understand what i mean. Sounds silly but without those i do think i would have started again and be back on 20 a day next week.


Do you want to see some crafting?
Is there anyone still reading?


This is what i have been working on.
Some spindle spinning.

I use the wheels so much for spinning that i had forgotten how much fun a spindle is.
Also alot more portable, this has mostly been spun in the kitchen whilst doing other things.

I’m spinning some home dyed merino. I chose this as i didn’t particularly like it so it wouldn’t matter if i only spun abit then stopped.

Strangely i am loving spinning it.
I like the way it is looking and how relaxing it is. My spinning on the spindle seems alot more consistent and thinner than i spin on the wheel.
I’m not even halfway through yet so i’ve weeks more fun to have.
I’m looking to treat myself to nice spindles in the next few months. I’d like to continue spinning this merino on the same spindle to keep the consistency but then spin the next on nicer, not homemade spindles.

I have lots of fibre i would like to spindle spin.

If you’ve stayed until the end, thank you.

Sorry if the smoking bits are boring but maybe my story could help someone else. Plus its important for me to document it as it happens and have it there to reread.

Thanks for reading.
Take care.x


About Tracey.

I craft, any craft will do.
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One Response to Update + some spinning.

  1. LucyLadley says:

    Bless Your Heart! Thank you for being so transparent. You are so honest & all your readers appreciate it so much!

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