Today, l have done…..


Well, nothing that l was probably supposed to do.

I got up this morning and had my first cigarette at 9am.
Yep, the giving up wasn’t happening today.

I have cut back though.


I have decided that just saying l’m stopping probably isn’t enough.
I am going to reread this book.

Easy way to stop smoking by Allen Carr.

I also spent the morning knitting my jumper and watching interviews in You Tube with people who have used this method.

I realised l don’t HAVE to stop today as long as when l do stop it is permanent.

In January l decided that this year l would try to spend as little money as possible.
As l’m a stay at home mum l don’t have an income so MrK usually gives me money.
This year l don’t want to take it.
I am planning to spend only what l have.

£80 per month child benefit – in.
£15 phone per month – out.
£5 phone insurance – out.
£25 pet insurance – out.

That leaves me with £35 per month.

January l spent £51 so it needed abit of fine tuning.

So far in February l have spent £9 and £7.65 of that was a prescription for antibiotics. So l am getting better.

Its making me think more about what l buy which can only be a good thing. Also making me craft with items l already have, definately a good thing.

One nice thing about this is not having to keep checking my account to make sure there is enough for direct debits, l know there is.

I must mention, MrK pays the bilks and the food shopping. He also buys my cigarettes every day when he gets his. Me not smoking would be financially beneficual towards bills.

The same way that l don’t have to check my bank account, l won’t have to check my cigarette packet to make sure l have enough to last the day.

I’m looking forward to that freedom.

Today l’ve been keeping myself busy by knitting and then this afternoon l had an urge to use the spindle.
All l have now is spindles l have made, l decided l preferred the wheels so gave away the two spindles l’d bought. ( only cheap ones ).
My homemade spindles do the job even though there are some beautiful ones in Etsy. Yes, l can look, just not buy 🙂

This is what has kept my hands busy this afternoon.


Some home dyed merino and a spindle made me very happy this afternoon.

For now, l am going to sit and knit my jumper then l fancy an early night with the kindle.
It took MrK 2 hours longer tonight to get home from work because of the snow so l took Sox for his evening walk, l’m shattered.

Crafting all day is hard work 🙂

Thanks for reading.
Take care.x


About Tracey.

I craft, any craft will do.
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