Whats not on the needles?

My jumper – thats what.

Started – january 22nd 2013
Finished – february 10th 2013

Thats just under 3 weeks!

The pattern is Elizabeth Zimmermann, seamless raglan sweater from the book Knitting without tears.

Its not a pattern as such, more like a recipe.

You work out how many stitches you need from a swatch.
I had 18 stitches over 4″.
I wanted to replicate the size of a jumper l wear alot which was 48″, so l needed to cast on 216 stitches for the body.
The sleeve stitches are worked out as a percentage of the body stitches and then you increase to another percentage.

Does it sound complicated? Its not.

Once you know how many body stitches you need the rest is easy.

I hate maths and l can do it.


It must be 3 maybe 4 years since l’ve knitted a jumper. One jumper in all the 6.5 years l’ve been knitting.
It was too small.
It fit but it fit if you know what l mean.
It touched me.
I like comfort, l like baggy, l’m a slob.

This jumper fits me just exactly as l wanted it to.


See, its big enough to wear t-shirts under and still won’t touch me.


Best of all it was knitted from stash.

I’ve decided not to buy anything this year as l have so much not being used.

This wool l bought from a wool sale about 3 years ago.
I bought 1901g for £19.
This jumper took 620g which works out at about £6.20 for a wool jumper and 3 weeks of pleasure.

I already have jumper number 2 on the needles.


This will work out even cheaper.


I bought this for £2.50 from the charity shop about 2 years ago.

I’m not sure what it is, l’ve done the burn test and it burns abit but doesn’t go hard on the end like l expect acrylic to do.
I’ll have to do more tests.

As it is l am just enjoying knitting a jumper. I have knitted hundreds if socks, gloves and cowls but this is a whole new world to me.

I feel like l’ve arrived – l’m a knitter!

Thanks for reading.
Take care.x


About Tracey.

I craft, any craft will do.
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One Response to Whats not on the needles?

  1. LucyLadley says:

    Very cool! Such an inspiration!

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