I have found my medium.

Nope, its not my body size its what l like working with best.

Towelling and puppy dog patterns.

I started sewing the puppy dog pattern from funky friends factory. I adapted the nose to make it work better for me, l sewed and sewed until l came up with puppy dogs l felt happy with.


Then another.


I was finally happy with how these were.


These have safety eyes.
My first attempt at safety eyes and let me tell you – they are not easy!
I’ll carry on with them as l like the look of them and l had to buy 40 online so l will use them.

I posted these photos on facebook, twitter and instagram and immediately sold the puppies.

I was happy, happy, happy.

I wasn’t planning to make anymore just yet but l have done.


Then l made another. I think they must be addictive.


These two are made from towelling. Repurposed towelling in fact. As Boy10 said to me this morning, this makes them ‘green’ puppies.

I’ve said before on here how much l like reusing fabric for different projects. All repurposed fabric is checked before buying to make sure its in an as new condition, then washed, checked again, sewn and then washed and checked again.

What l like about this towelling is that it has been used. The towelling has a rough feel to it, not soft and fluffy which l think works perfectly for these puppies.
Although the towelling once cut has shed all over my sewing room so it looks like a blizzard has happened, l still love working with it and think it suits the puppies perfectly.

I love them. These are as close to perfect as l will ever get.
I’m hoping to get another one finished this week then they can all be washed, checked and offered for sale.

Whats on the needles?

I am still knitting away on my jumper, still loving it.
I only have abit more to go now and l have learnt so much while knitting this that l will change next time.


I’ll go into what changes l’ll make when l do a finished post, hopefully soon.

Whats on the kindle?

I have finished The 100 year old mad who climbed out of a window and disapeared by Jonas Jonasson.
(20p at the time l bought it).


I enjoyed this book.
I’ll admit l didn’t completely understand alot of it.
I jumps alot between present day and past and its the past that confused me although it was very interesting.
That said, l did enjoy this book and got to know the characters well. Its both funny and moving.
I’m glad l’ve read it.

Whats on the kindle then?

I am now reading The Expats by Chris Pavone.
(20p at the time l bought it).


So far and l’m not far at all but it looks to be a promising read.

Thanks for reading.
Take care.x


About Tracey.

I craft, any craft will do.
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