Progress updates.

I didn’t realise it had been so long since l last posted.

Since then l have had some more fun with the quilt top.
I finished at 16 complete blocks and now l have to decide what to do next.


Or this


Bear in mind these are only 4 blocks out of the 16 l have.

I think the bottom photo is my favourite but as it will be repeated the top photo will appear in the middle of the row.

I’ve continued with my sweater. Not the one from the top down, that was working out completely wrong so l restarted with Elizabeth Zimmermans sweater from the book Knitting without tears.
Its to be worked from the bottom up but instead i’ve used a provisional cast on and l’m working up from that then l can go back later and add to the length. I have a good few rounds of the body done, one sleeve and about 25% of the second sleeve done.


This is the first sleeve.

I will then connect the sleeves, knit up to the neck and then knit down the body.

I am writing everything down so the next one l can hopefully / possibly do it from the neck down.

Its fun so far.

Today l made a case for my kindle touch.


I love this fabric. Its from a duvet cover so l have quite a bit of it. Its really soft.

I have been abit worried about it not being in a case. I am very careful with things but l also do like them to be protected. This case has a flap that fastens with a button on the front so there are two padded pieces covering the screen when it is closed.

That is about all l have done since l last posted, apart from the usual houseworky things.

I’ll be back soon.
Thanks for reading, take care.x


About Tracey.

I craft, any craft will do.
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