New starts.

January always feels like a magical month. A month where you can start over again and the past can be forgotten.

Although first l have to show you some of the gifts l made for Christmas.

There were some lap quilts.


For my nephew.


For my niece.


For my mother in law.

There were socks.


For my sister in law, a different niece and nephew, mother in law and my friend.

Finally there was a cushion.


And, abit closer.


2 fluffy fleece bunnies also disapeared from my etsy shop.

1 for my son and 1 for a friend of ours daughter.

I also sold a bunny just before Christmas so that made me very happy, my first sale and it was all the way to America.

My son, who will be known now as Boy10 as he had his 10th birthday right before Christmas also got this lap quilt l made earlier in the year.


He was so excited when he opened his quilt and bunny, l got the biggest hugs. Alot bigger hugs than when he opened his kindle fire. Although he loves that too and has hardly put it down since. I introduced him to words with friends and he plays against me and is driving me mad, especially with the chat feature while l’m trying to make a move 🙂


Heres a rare picture of Boy10 Christmas morning with his quilt and bunny.

I think l am all caught up on Christmas crafts now.

Did l mention l’ve opened an etsy shop?
Here it is.

I will hopefully be adding more to it shortly now everything has got back to normal here.

I mentioned that Boy10 got a kindle fire for Christmas, l was very impressed with it.

I have a galaxy 7″ tablet that l use and MrK bought me a samsung s2 mp3 player for when l’m walking the dog, l love it as it has radio.

Well l had a bit of Christmas money given and ordered myself a kindle touch.
Its fantastic.
I’ve used the kindle app on the galaxy but never really liked it. The kindle touch does feel like reading a book. Maybe because its not back lit or because the ink is grey not black but l do find it a much better experience.
I had a book on the app for over 12 months, l had read 10%, l finished it on the kindle last night.

The knitting circle by Ann Hood (l’ll try to put a link up later).

I used to read alot before l learnt to knit, at least 2 books a week so l’m hoping l can get back to regular reading now.

I’d better go get dressed now, 1st day back of the school run.
I just wanted to leave you with my word for 2013.


I’m going to appreciate everything around me this year.

Thanks for reading.
Take care.


About Tracey.

I craft, any craft will do.
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3 Responses to New starts.

  1. Jeanie says:

    I appreciate hearing what goes on on the other side of the Atlantic! Thanks for posting!

  2. paulineos says:

    Your family must be delighted by your lovely gifts!

  3. LucyLadley says:

    You make the most wonderful presents & I love your new etsy shop!!!!

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