Where have l been?

I took my own advice from my last post, decided its now or never and l have nothing to lose and decided that now is the ideal time for me to reopen the etsy shop l have never actually used.

Would you like a sneak preview of items that will be going in the shop next week?

Ok then.

First up some fingerless gloves.


Top row are hand dyed and then hand spun, these are hand wash only and are incredibly warm. These are all a 2×1 rib pattern. These are £23 a pair.

Bottom left are washable soft merino in an ivory/white. They have the simple skyp sock pattern running up both sides which l have been given permission to use to sell. These are £12.

Bottom right are a rich, deep burgandy colour in upcycled lambswool. I recomend hand washing. These are a 3×1 rib pattern. These are £12.

All the gloves have an inset thumb and a pattern that goes all the way round which makes them able to be worn on either hand.

These are brilliant for the winter, they can be worn anywhere as your fingers are completely open.
I wear mine for shopping, dog walking and in the house when it is cold and the heating hasn’t quite kicked in.
As they are open at the end with no actual fingers they are great for wearing with rings.

Next –


This is Honey Bear made from a Funky Friends Factory pattern which gives permissin for the finished objects to be sold.

This Honey Bear is gorgeous, the body is made from upcycled cotton and the eyes are french knots so no buttons making this toy baby safe.

Honey Bear is £12.

I am starting one tonight made from the material in the left –


Also upcycled its a really soft cotton with little flowers and butterflies on.

Can you see a pattern emerging here?
Alot of my products are upcycled, meaning they started life as something else.

The completed Honey Bear above was made from a duvet cover and the material above was originally a cot blanket.

I love using material nobody else is using, taking it and giving it a new lease of life, a second chance to be loved.

Next week these items will appear in my Etsy shop.
Until then if you are interested in anything above email me here at knittywittywoo@googlemail.com

Everything at the moment is FREE postage and packing – anywhere.

Thanks for reading.
Take care.


About Tracey.

I craft, any craft will do.
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2 Responses to Where have l been?

  1. jsberner says:

    Beautiful stuff! Good luck!

  2. LucyLadley says:

    As always, your posts & crafts brighten my day. I’m sure your etsy shop will be a great success! Many Hugs, Lucy

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