What have l been up to?

Time just seems to be running away, l can’t believe its almost the end of September and l haven’t posted for so long.

So, what have l been up to.


Socks of kindness have been finished for my sister in law for Christmas. I am still loving this pattern.
Its my first time using cygnet 4 ply wool and it knits up really well. It comes in 50g balls so l can have both socks on the needles at the same time. There is a large range of colours too which is quite exciting.

I am still hand sewing the hexagons.


These are going to take forever as they are onlyย  .5″ each side. I’m enjoying them and l now have 14 hexagon flowers completed.
I have no idea what this is going to be – cushion, quilt? I don’t know l’m just enjoying the process.

Enjoying it so much it seems that l’ve started another paper piecing project.


Seven sisters quilt block.
Each diamond side is only 1″ long. Why do l make things so small?


This is how far l have got with these. Unlike the hexagons where l am using scraps, this project is just using 2 colours. I seem to work better with limited colours.

I finally made the Tilda rabbit from the Springtime crafting book.


Here she is sat with the sheep.
I did think the rabbit was going to be quite hard but it wasn’t. Once l decided to just follow the pattern the rabbit comes together quite easily. I found the clothes the hardest.
After 2 more though, l know what l’m doing.


Yes, 2 more Tilda rabbits.
The one in the denim was for my friend to gift to her mother in law and the one in the pink for the baby that got my baby girl quilt a couple of months ago.


This is the fancy stitching around the bottom of the dress and the trousers.
The other 2 rabbits were made from fleece but this was made from towelling. My dining / sewing room looked like it had been hit by a snow storm.
As far as the stitching goes, l prefer the fleece for machine stitching but preferred the towelling for the hand stitching.
On the pink rabbit l also changed the position of the hat, l put the points to front and back instead of the sides. This meant l could just tack the point upwards onto the hat. It seemed to fit better that way and l’ll do the rest the same.
I’ve already got 2 to be made on request ๐Ÿ™‚

Now, heres the boy quilt. This is the one l made when MrK’s friends weren’t sure if they were having a girl or a boy so l made both. Boy9 is happy as he is eventually going to get this one. ( for Christmas but he doesn’t know it yet ).


This was the largest one l have made so far.


You can see the stitches better on the back.
This was a simple strip quilt and then just quilted almost straight down the strips.
I used green cotton on the brown and brown on the green with plain brown on the underneath.
Its the first time l have quilted like this and l broke the quilting rule of turning your work.
Going down one length and up the other.
I just went down from the top with one colour and when l started the other colour l went up from the bottom.
It seems to have worked ok.

I do love this quilt.


I’ve started another.


I wanted something plain and simple so l started cutting 5″ squares.
This is pleasing me no end as they look lovely together.


I have no plans for this other than l want to sew another quilt. My young niece has a pink bedroom so it may go to her for Christmas of it may stay here.
I enjoy the process much more than the finished items so l have no trouble gifting them.


Its growing nicely.

Last photo l promise.


I’m still cross stitching although l haven’t added to this since July.
Its Tatty Teddy Blue Flowers design.
Again, l don’t know if this wants to be a cushion or a bag or as its stitched on evenweave it could even be part of a quilt.
Theres an idea – if l do pink flowers instead of blue it could form part of my quilt in progress, something to think about there.

If you’ve stayed till the end, thank you.
I will try not to leave it too long between posts in future but now l think its all up to date.

Than you for reading.
Take care.


About Tracey.

I craft, any craft will do.
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6 Responses to What have l been up to?

  1. LucyLadley says:

    All your projects are so nice! I especially like the vertical quilting! I’m going to try that sometime!

  2. So many great projects! The socks and the tilda rabbits are especially great. And the Seven Sisters piecing!! I admire your patience and neatness!!

  3. Amber says:

    Wow so many inspiring projects, I especially love the vertical quilting

  4. You’re so creative. Love everything you make.
    Now, it’s time for me to start knitting again…in front of my fan. Not quite cool enough to wear a sweater or wear a scarf yet. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Sandra says:

    You’ve been v busy! Love your hexies. Coming via twitter so hope we made you happy ๐Ÿ™‚

    S x

  6. Margaret says:

    What lovely things you have been making!
    Love those red socks and have already been to Ravelry to save the pattern.
    The Tilda rabbits are adorable – their outfits are so cute.
    Beautiful quilting projects too.

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