Tiny, tiny, tiny.

Hexagons again.

I am loving them.
This is how far l have got.


These are from a template l traced from the net.
The problem with it was everytime l traced it, it was slightly different so my sides were different sizes.
I could see how annoying this would be as l carried on.

I bought some ink for the printer, l’ve put this off for about 12 months as its so expensive. Forgetting l have a kodak esp-3 so its not too bad. (£7.95 for black).

I found a template online and printed some sheets off.


Much easier.

These are teeny tiny.
The sides are just over .5″, thats 1.5cm.

Look how cute the little hexagons are though.


I can’t wait to start sewing these together.
I have no plans for them other than using up little scraps and having fun.

Yesterday me and Boy9 went into town for lunch.
We had to go and find Huddersfields golden postbox thanks to Ed Clancy winning gold.


Thats me stood in the rain while Boy9 took my photo.

Thanks for reading.
Take care.x


About Tracey.

I craft, any craft will do.
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