I set to and decided to make the rabbit from Tilda’s book.
It is surprising me how easy these are and annoying me that l put it off for so long thinking they’d be hard.


My rabbit still needs clothing and facial features.

I attached the legs to the body with the sewing machine which has left stitches showing. As that part is covered up by rabbits shorts which are tacked to the body it doesn’t bother me too much but in future l may hand sew them.

I’m pleased with this one too.

I finished the baby boy quilt last week, l will try and get some nice photos of it today, weather permitting.
I managed to finish it a full 24 hours before they had a ‘ baby girl ‘.
Luckily Boy9 liked at and was overjoyed they’d had a girl so he could have the boy quilt. I am hoping to hide it until Christmas.
I’m glad l got it finished when l did as l think it would still be waiting if l’d known it wouldn’t be needed.
Talk about cutting it fine.

We are having some great weather here at the moment.
Yesterday afternoon Boy9 and l were out for 4 hours geocaching

We started last year, found one and forgot about it.
I didn’t know he’d been going back to it while dog walking with Dad and was concerned it wasn’t still there.
So we checked and it was still hidden and then we went off hunting for 3 more.
We found 2 of them.
We used an app on the blackberry called Cachesense. Its a free 30 day trial then a one off payment of £10 if you want to keep it.
We found it alot easier, it has a radar that shows you how many metres you are away and it integrates with the geocaching site so you can download more and look at the hints and previous logs.
Even all that didn’t help us with the third one. We were 0 metres away and the hunt was ‘are you standing on it?’
Nope, no luck at all. We must have been searching for about an hour and then gave up and went to sit in the beer garden at the pub.
It was a lovely afternoon and l hope he stays interested in this as its something fun and free we can do together. He loved walking iff ahead with my phine following the radar.
We have decided to take something from each cache, just for fun. Its ok to take simething if you replace it with something of equal or higher value.
Yesterdays search saw us coming home with a sheep finger puppet – we left a sellotape dispenser from a cracker, and a geocaching badge – we left a small toy aeroplane.

All in all it was a fun 4 hours outside that cost me £2.70 – the price of 2 halves of coke at the pub.

Boy9 has a friend coming for tea today so l may get abit of crafting done this afternoon.

Thanks for reading.
Take care.x


About Tracey.

I craft, any craft will do.
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2 Responses to Nakedness.

  1. ooobop! says:

    I love your Tilda bunny! I wouldn’t worry about the stitches showing, as you say, they will be covered up by the clothes and he wont be naked often, i’m sure! I think you will find those Tilda toys addictive. I’ve made 2 bunnies and more recently a chicken! So satisfying to make 🙂

  2. LucyLadley says:

    Cute Cute Cute rabbit!!!!

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