Nothing to show again.

Another post without a photo, sorry.

I had poorly Boy9 home from school again today, thankfully he is feeling much better and l think he’ll be going back tomorrow.

To make up for being a nad neglectful Mum yesterday and playing with my quilt all day ( although to be fair he was laid in bed watching dvd’s ), l decided to spend the day with him today.

So after l walked Sox we have watched tv. Lots of Suite life on deck then this afternoon the film Space buddies. Boy9’s choice of dvd for today was Santa clause 2, which l do love but not in cold miserable July.

While watching tv l did get abit of cross stitch done. I decided to restart the tatty teddy l’d gone wrong on and its going alot better now. I’m enjoying it again.

I’ve done 10 minutes spinning for Tour de fleece. I’ve spun a little every day except Sunday since the Tour de france started so l’m quite pleased with it. After 18 months not spinning l’m amazed l can still do it. I’m enjoying that too.
When Girl20 moves out in October to go back to uni l might move my wheel into her room / spare room !!!!

The quilt has come to a standstill again. I haven’t touched it today but l have decided to undo the two lines l’ve quilted and take it apart. I’m then going to buy the thinner wadding this weekend and try again.
I wasn’t happy with the way it was quilting and l think *hope* its the thicker wadding causing me problems.
Even if l don’t gift it l wouldn’t have been happy keeping it the way it looks now.

I want it to be the best l can make it. Not perfect, just the best l know l can do.

Thats me done for today.

The sun came out briefly this afternoon and l managed to get a line of washing dried, all the time looking out for large black clouds. I felt better just for seeing abit of sun. I hope its back tomorrow.

Thanks for reading.
Take care.x


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