I was hoping that l would be posting regularly once July arrived but it hasn’t happened that way.

This weekend we had a few surprising hours of sunshine so l had to take advantage of that and try to clear up the over grown garden that has sprung up with all the rain.
Its looking better but l could still do with a couple of dry weeks before getting it to look tidy.

I have been crafting.

I’ve given up for now on the design l was working on. I realised l wasn’t enjoying it enough at the moment.

I’ve been trying to work on the baby quilts but l keep going wrong.

I had the girl quilt all pinned ready for quilting and my machine just didn’t want to.
I decided to hand quilt it.
I then decided to change the backing fabric and try again and it worked, kind of.

One of the problems l think is that l am using a thicker wadding than l have before. This is 2oz as l thought it might make a soft quilt for baby to lay on on the floor.

I am going to have another go tomorrow but if l’m still not happy l may order some of the thinner stuff.

MrK says it looks ok but l do think he’s just fed up of hearing about it.

As l also have a baby boy quilt to do l need to be happy with the stitching and the thinner stuff may be easier for me to use and look better.

If l’m not 100% happy the new parents will be sent flowers and l’ll have nice new quilts.  🙂

I’m also working on a tatty teddy cross stitch which l had planned to turn into a cushion for Boy9’s teacher.
Unfortunately l keep going wrong and trying to ‘just wing it’ and hope for the best. School finishes next Friday and at the moment l can’t see it being finished in time.

As well as all this l have socks on the needles, dishcloths on the hook and numerous other projects half done hanging around.

I have the overwhelmed feeling l have too much to do at the moment so l need to finish all the wip’s l have before starting any new ones.

I’ll be back soon, hopefully with pictures of finished quilts, socks, cross stitch – anything really as long as its finished.

Thanks for reading.


About Tracey.

I craft, any craft will do.
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