I’m back.

Did you miss me?

Well l can’t believe its July already and we still have winter like weather. Its quite cold and very wet and miserable here, the garden looks terrible. We need at least 2 good dry days to get it looking okay.

I have been doing quite abit of crafting though.



This is the cushion finished from my last post.
It was made for my nieces 20th birthday gift and l’m happy to say that she loved it.
I loved it too.
I’m enjoying making cushions, they’re not fast or easy but they look gorgeous when they’re done.
I am thinking of maybe, just maybe making some to sell

Here are the three tops l finished before my blogging holiday.




The third one l put thin elastic through the end of the sleeve.
I like that one best and l have worn it a few times.

I’ve made a couple of cathedral window pin cushions.


This one is the same material as my third top.


This is light blue and sparkly.

I’ve always wanted to make pretty cathedral window cushions.
I can’t bring myself to use more than two different materials though.
Its a problem l have with most of my crafting, maybe l play it too safe.

Theres also been some knitting.


Spring forward socks.


And Socks of kindness.
These may become my favorite go-to pattern, l loved them.

I’m currently knitting Waving lace socks and also enjoying those.

Right, ready for abit of cross stitch?


A blackwork owl.
I’ve also competed this owl in orange. Stunning!


A lovely angel.

One of the biggest cross stitch projects l am planning is this photo of Sox.


I took the photo last week on our morning walk. I love it, it captures his happiness.
I had it converted to a cross stitch chart with all the symbols and colours and l’m waiting to order colours and fabric.
I think it could look stunning.

Thats it for today.

I think we’re almost caught up, l’ll check and see if theres anything l’ve missed.

Currently l am working on two baby quilts, a boy and a girl quilt as MrK’s friends didn’t want to find out the sex of their baby.
I’m working on knitting socks and crocheting some dishcloths.
I’ve designed a simple cross stitch l’m hoping will be fantastic and l can use on the front of cushions and bags, l’m slowly stitching that now. Its an easy design but l have to keep checking as l go along.
I’ve also bought a mans medium size shirt from the charity shop which l am hoping l can use to make Boy9 a shirt. Ambitious – much – me?

I will be back soon.

Thankyou for reading.x


About Tracey.

I craft, any craft will do.
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3 Responses to I’m back.

  1. lifebeginsat50 says:

    you’ve been busy, I love the cushion!

  2. LucyLadley says:

    You are such an inspiration to me. I love to see your creations when you post them. Keep it up, all of us that read your blog & look at your photos are uplifted!

  3. Elly says:

    Such a cute owl! I love blackwork stitches. And I love the tops! My skills and knowledge is way off sewing clothes yet, but I’m determined to learn!

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