I’m back!

I’m sorry l have been away so long, it wasn’t intentional.
I kept thinking about blogging but kept thinking l’ll do it tomorrow and of course tomorrow never comes.
I haven’t really thought l had anything interesting to say.

I know l still have the handmade tops to show. I have actually worn one of them out the house 3 times now and nobody screamed ‘ that was a duvet ‘ at me so l’m taking that as a good sign.

I also have a pair of finished socks to show, Spring Forward.

I’ve started a new pair, Socks of kindness and l’ve just started the 2nd sock. I love the pattern.

I’ll show all these things in my next post.

Today is my Mums birthday and l wanted to show the card l made for her.


The gift pattern came from a cross stitch magazine. I’ll try to find it out and tell you which one it is.

My Grandma has a birthday in June so l have made her a cushion.



The red heart in the centre is a blackwork pattern l was fond of doing earlier in the year.


I used soluble aida to work the pattern directly onto the linen fabric.

The final result is stunning but l’m still not sure if l like the soluble aida. I work under a lamp in the evenings and the shine from the aida made it hard to see.
I still have some left and would like to try it with a cross stitch pattern to see if l find it easier.

I’m very pleased with the finished look of the cuahion though, it turned out exactly how l wanted it to.


On the photo above you can see the mottled effect on the light square. Its pink and white mottled, really nice.
I’m using some now on a cushion l am making for my niece on her 20th birthday.


I think cushions may become a new addiction, l love them.

Thankyou for reading, l’ll be back soon with photos of tops and finished socks.

Take care.x


About Tracey.

I craft, any craft will do.
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