Family crisis.

I’ve been missing now for quite a while, sorry.
We have had a minor family crisis here, the kind you get with 18 year old girls when they fall in with the wrong people and put at risk what they are working at college towards.
Grounding has happened and hopefully we can get her back on the right track.
While this has been going on l just haven’t been in the right mind to blog.

I do try to keep family away from the blog. The blog is mine and a nice reminder of my crafting life.
I want to be able to look back on posts and see the happy things, not family stresses.
Plus l am one of those totally neurotic mothers who will not post photos of my children, except maybe from behind and l will not mention them by name. (Girl20, Girl18 and Boy9).
Out of respect for my husband, who believes the internet is the work of the devil and doesn’t use it unless totally necessary, l will not post photos of him and he is MrK.

Sox, you can have as many photos of as you like.


So my blog will stay a happy, crafty place.

Today l have finished my first Christmas 2012 gift.
These are socks for my niece.


I am quite pleased how l’ve matched the stripes on these.


I wasn’t going to match them but once l got past the heel in the 2nd sock l didn’t like it.


The colour is dreadful in this photo but see what l mean about the stripes?
The sock would have had an awful lot of the dark stripes showing as the light stripes were on the heel.

I did these in the twisted 2×2 rib again.

Heres the important bit.

2×2 twisted rib
24th February 2012
27th March 2012
Niece / Christmas
Ladies UK size 7
2.5mm cuboid dpns
Regia world 6504 exam (150g ball)
60 stitches
Knit, purl, knit through back loop (ktb),
K2tog, k2tog tbl.

I was hoping l’d have enough to do 2 pairs from 150g but no, this wool is quite thick so will make super Christmas socks.
I have another ball in a different colourway to do nephews socks but he was a size 10 this past Christmas and still growing.

I bought 2 patterns yesterday for tops. £1 each so l dug out some fabric l have and have decided to practise with these 2.


I have cut the pattern out in the right hand fabric, the little flowers and now l just need to find the courage to start sewing.
Mary, in the shop said it was easy and l can do it. I wish l had her faith in me.

Thats me done tonight.
MrK has gone to bed suffering a bad cold, given to him by Boy9 so l am going to sit and knit for a while.

Thanks for reading, take care.


About Tracey.

I craft, any craft will do.
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One Response to Family crisis.

  1. LucyLadley says:

    So glad to see you are back to posting, I enjoy reading about your creativity so much!

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