Still obsessed.

… With blackwork
I have another in the hoop at the moment in a dmc satin thread. Although it looks stunning its really hard to work with and l won’t be using it again in a hurry.

Here is what l have been doing with them.


This is one for a friend and her family who moved home this weekend.


This one is for my friend Jaynes birthday.
I enjoyed doing this one and working out where to place the name.

Both cards were made using some polka dit backing paper l got free with a magazine.
Little decorative brads were then pushed through each corner to hold everything in place.

I love both of these and they turned out exactly as l hoped they would.

I might build up a stock of patterns 3/4 of the way done so that l can easily add a name when l need to.

I’ve also been sewing.


A cathedral window pin cushion.
Cathedral windows scare me as they look so beautiful and l find them so hard to do.
This one is by no means perfect but for a first proper attempt l quite like it.
I will be trying out some more colours soon and maybe hand stitching the curves down. Also l might need smaller buttons but that one does hide all the mess underneath ( shhhhhhh ).

Tonight l am going to be working on my nieces Christmas socks. My stitchery obsession has been fed for today.

Before l go, has anyone any experience of selling their crafty wares?
I would really like to be almost self reliant now with money instead of having to keep asking MrK for some. Especially as we’ve just had a few big bills come in.
If l can just manage to pay for crafting items and a few treats l’d be happy.
I will be going through my wardrobe and house for ebay but l would also like to make things.
I’ve just looked on Etsy to check out the price of hand knitted socks and they start at about £25.
I’m not prepared to buy the wool and then spend 4 days knitting for £25 minus the wool costs.

Really l’m just wondering what are the kinds of things l should really be practising on now?

Any help would be really appreciated.

Thanks for reading. Take care.x


About Tracey.

I craft, any craft will do.
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