I altered the trousers.
I took 1.3/4″ from the outside of each leg.
Then l had to redo the hem.
Alot of faff and hassle but l think MrK might have been right, they look better now.


I am going to wear these around the house as with all the messing about l’ve done with them, l don’t trust the seams.

I am planning in making more.

As promised heres some photos of the blackwork embroidery l’ve been obsessing over enjoying lately.


Cashmere laceweight wool.




I think this one is my favourite.
The colour is really rich and it looks like velvet.

Heres what l have done with 2 of them.



Cards for Mothers Day.
I placed some interfacing behind the embroidery then a piece of black cotton slightly bigger.
I folded over the cotton to the front, like binding and sewed it down with the machine.
I attached them to the card with a little silver brad in each top corner.

Even though l am pleased with these l thought they would look better.

Right l’m off to watch CSI with Ted Danson, first showing in the UK, with abit of sock knitting or some more blackwork – l’m thinking orange next.

Thanks for reading, take care.x


About Tracey.

I craft, any craft will do.
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2 Responses to Finished.

  1. Such beautiful intricate work!

  2. The Girl says:


    Beautiful blackwork there, it’s one of my favourites but I always seem to forget that it exists.

    I really like soluble aida – you just need to make sure you’ve got it attached nicely to your fabric before you begin your work because you don’t want it moving about or stretched too far so the holes are misshapen. But it was really easy to work with – I used it a while back to stitch on to a skirt and all was fine. Only drawback is its expense, otherwise I’d be using it all the time!

    And it dissolved really easily too – I just stuck the skirt in a bowl of water, came back 5 minutes later, rubbed a little bit and it had all gone!

    Let me know what happens if you do decide to use it.

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