Still crafting.

Sorry l’ve been abit quiet here lately.
Its a mixture of winter blues which were trying to turn into depression but l think l caught it in time to climb out.
I was giving it one more week before a visit to the doctors but this week is turning out better.

Abit of crafting has been going on around here.

Two socks have been completed.


Sadly not for the same pair.

The blue one is for me and the pink stripey is for my niece for Christmas. I’m starting early this year.


They are both 2×2 rib using the twisted rib, going through the back loop on the knit stitches.
I enjoy this as its a little tighter than normal rib.
I have cast on for the 2nd pink sock already.
I’m not matching the stripes, l deliberately don’t do as if it was slightly off it would annoy me, totally mismatched doesn’t.

I have also had abit of a change.

From this –


To this –


It was time.
I had about 15″ cut off in total.
The hairdresser put it in a ponytail and cut straight across, l brought it home to see if l would be able to spin it. I haven’t tried yet.

I have tried abit more sewing though.
Trousers –




Now be honest with me.
Are they too wide?
I was aiming for nice spring / summer tousers and l was pleased with them until l tried them on for MrK.
He says they are too wide, have no shape and l look horrible and like a clown.
(yes, l don’t understand why we’re still together either)

I would like these to be a pair of trousers l could wear in public so do they need taking in at the sides?
The other option is for me to make another pair with slimmer legs to see if l like them better or not.

Now be honest, would you be seen in public with me wearing these?

Do you want some Sox photos?
This is him as we were finishing our walk this morning.


He went in the last puddle, which also seems to have been the muddiest.


Bless him.
He had to have a bath once home.
Luckily he’s really good in the bath so it was no problem.

Here he looks like a pig.


I’ll be back, hopefully tomorrow with some blackwork.

Thankyou for reading, take care.


About Tracey.

I craft, any craft will do.
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