Lovely fabric baskets.

I am a little bit obsessed with making fabric baskets.

There are lots of tutorials out there and l played about, taking bits from one, bits from another and basically also just winging it until l had what l wanted.

I don’t even set out with a size, just cut my outer material and go from there.

I love a project like this that just comes together so easily.
l did one last week, following a tutorial and it turned out cr*p, my measurements were correct to begin with but my finished basket, although, yes it was a basket didn’t look how it was supposed to and was alot wider but shorter. I still can’t work out where l went wrong. I’m sure it was me and not the tutorial as l’ve seen lots of perfectly finished ones.
I don’t think l work well with instructions.
Thats when the pen and paper came out and l simplified everything down as much as l could.
Theres probably an exact tutorial out there, to be honest theres only so many ways you can sew a fabric basket.

Here we go —–

Basket 1.


Basket 2.


Basket 3.


Basket 4.


If you notice they have got taller as l have made them.
They also have different ‘stiffening stuffs’ holding the sides up.
First – quilt batting.
Second – sew on interfacing.
Third and Fourth – thick woollen material.


I prefer the thick woolllen material. It holds the sides nice and stiff.

The red basket is holding my knitting now.
Excuse the really bad photo, l had to use the flash.


You can see how its not even half full, in there is a 150g of regia sock wool and the beginning of a sock for my niece.

I can see many more of these baskets in my future. I may even add a button and band. Its exciting.

Thanks for reading. Take care.


About Tracey.

I craft, any craft will do.
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4 Responses to Lovely fabric baskets.

  1. The baskets are great! Keep experimenting with fabrics.

  2. Lucy Ladley says:

    Your baskets are so much fun!!!!

  3. They’re great! I’ve done one recently with denim outer and a beautiful fabric for the inner, with it folded down so you can see it. Love them, love them, love them!

  4. penny says:

    Your baskets are lovely. I can see that the red one will soon be overflowing with wool/knitting!

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