Quick catch up.

Just a quick catch up from me.
I’m still around and will hopefully do a longer post in the next day or so.

Not alot of crafting has been happening for various reasons.
Its got me a little down to be honest, l’ve found that my moods stay alot more stable if l’m able to craft.

Today l went in the sewing / dining room and had a pleasant couple of hours sewing.

I’d no great plans, l just wanted to make something, anything.


I started with this mug rug.
I free motion quilted but it wasn’t what l wanted, it didn’t feed my crafting need.

I started again.



This time l decided on straight lines, much better.

As l’m apparently a control freak, (or so l’ve been told) l find free motion quite hard to do. I will keep practising but for the moment l much prefer the effect and simplicity of straight lines.


This is the mug rug l ended up with, l love this one and it definately fed the crafting need.


Look, its pretty on both sides.
I don’t know which l like most.
I do know though that l will be making more.

I even made the binding with my nifty binding tool. Its the first time l have made and used binding this thin. It was a pain to hand stitch.
I will try it again for the next mat, if its still so awkward l will go up to the bigger size.

Tonight l am going to be doing a little bit of sock knitting.

Thanks for reading, take care.x


About Tracey.

I craft, any craft will do.
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