Fridays post on Sunday.

Fridays post was impossible as my Mother in law was here for tea and l was too busy and then too full from stuffing a chinese down my throat.

Yesterday was no good either as l woke up with a confidence crisis.

Abit about me –

I suffer from anxiety, it has only been really bad once, 5 years ago when l was given 2 different types of tablets and referred to a psychiatrist.
Most of the time it is manageable by myself.
I think sometimes that its one of the reasons l craft so much. While my hands are busy or my mind is busy researching l don’t have time to think.
My friend says l have been alot better since we got Sox.
The periods of depression l get with the anxiety don’t fall so hard or last as long now.

It must be true about the healing powers of animals.

Anyway, yesterday l woke up with the ‘what the hell am l doing’ in my head.

I had been thinking about sewing some small items to possibly sell to fund the buying part of my crafts.

I woke up with ‘why would anyone want to buy my stuff?’

I’m happy to report that it only lasted part of the day.

The selling thought is still there but its still in the future where it always was, not yet.

What brought me out of this mood?


My new little chicken.

I whipped it up last night while MrK was walking Sox and finished it off with eyes this morning, also while MrK was walking Sox and l’d gone back to bed with my coffee.
She is tiny and made from an old knitted sock l made years ago.
She has lace around her bum and cute button eyes.

I had this idea in my mind for a few days, l planned to make her as a keyring but she’s slightly too big.

I have ideas in my head how to make her even cuter next time.


She looks right at home in my kitchen windowsill.

I had to tell MrK she was there, he hadn’t noticed.

I’ve also finished the Embossed leaves socks.


I love this pattern.
It looks hard but its not, thats my favourite kind of pattern.


A close up of the fantastic leaves pattern.


A close up of the foot from toe to heel.

I said l would try to put more information down so here goes. If l miss anything you’d like to know just give me a shout.

Embossed leaves by Mona Schmidt.
Favorite socks book by Interweave knits.
December 29th 2011.
February 4th 2012,
Me, size ladies UK 7.
2.5mm cubic dpns.
King cole, merino blend, superwash wool. Shade 94.
64 stitches.
knit, purl, yarn over, k2tog, ssk.

I think that covers everything.

Today l have been sat watching football with MrK and sewing on this –


This is an old, old project that l pretend l pick up occasionally. Truth be told l mostly ignore it.
I don’t even know if l still even like it but its fun to sit and hand sew sometimes.
I will finish it – someday.

Thanks for reading, take care.


About Tracey.

I craft, any craft will do.
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2 Responses to Fridays post on Sunday.

  1. blueadt says:

    Gorgeous socks!

    The little chicken is very cute as well.

  2. Lucy Ladley says:

    Your chicken makes me happy! The pink socks are wonderful! Love the colors in your yellow & green creation!

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