Its a funny week.

This last week has gone by so quickly.
I have been busy in and out of the house but l have almost nothing to show for it.

I have been looking at redwork and blackwork embroidery and looking for a way to incorporate it into my sewing.

Bear in mind l have never done this before but it looks fun.
I have decided to wait for a while, until money becomes available for me to buy a book from amazon and study some more.

In the meantime l decided to backstitch around some simple lined drawings l found on the internet.

This is what l have done today.


I have stitched in red on a light cream cotton after tracing the design lightly with pencil. ( l hope it washes out ).

My plan is to use this as a centre for a patchwork mug rug / coaster.

I might get chance to have a play tomorrow.

This week l have been to the village twice and town once.  All pleasureable trips with friends.
In the village charity shop l got 2 new cushion inners for 50p each. Also a bag of quilt batting free after l said l used it for quilting, they were using it to wrap breakables. I’m planning to use that for mug rugs / coasters.

All this gallavanting about though has left me with little crafting time.
Especially since Boy9 was off school ill today. Nothing serious, l think he’s just over tired. 1 more week until half term holidays and he always gets tired at end of term.

Tonight l am going to sit and knit a little more on my embossed leaves sock. I’m almost at the toe of sock 2. 

If l stayed away from google reader and the many blogs l follow, l’d also get alot more done.

For tonight though, abit of knitting.



About Tracey.

I craft, any craft will do.
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2 Responses to Its a funny week.

  1. darciad says:

    Sometimes I think I spend more time reading about knitting than I actually knit!

  2. Lucy Ladley says:

    Pretty Embroidery! & I still love the pink socks!

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