Completely obsessed.

My whole life seems to have been taken over by whirlygigs.

I love them.

I love the way they come together and l love looking at all the different varieties there are out there in blogland.

No surprise then that l have done this.


These blocks are 9″ each.

Don’t they look fab together?

I have started cutting out and pieceing together for more blocks.

Most of the whirlygigs l have seen have the light part of the block in different fabrics, giving a scrappy effect.
I chose to do mine in just 2 complete fabrics as l like the way it looks and it satisfies my inner control freak.

My friend has a birthday today and had asked for a notebook cover after seeing the ones l made at Christmas. She wanted it to write recipes in.


I made her two. One each for savoury and sweet recipes.

This is the lovely fabric l bought.


Its tiny, tiny gingerbread men.
Quite appropriate as she made us gingerbread biscuits for Christmas.

I also made her this cute mug rug / coaster to match.


Yes, its a whirlygig.
I love this and l’m going to make some more.
Its just 5″ square, a nice size for a mug to sit on.
I’m going to make myself one similar using the gingerbread fabric for the side of my bed.

The binding above is handmade using my binding making tool.

( l will post about this soon, promise. )

I also hand sewed the binding for the first time.
I had machine sewed the back piece of binding on but when l sewed the front l made such a bad job that l unpicked it and resewed the front by hand.

I wouldn’t mind hand sewing on a project this size or slightly bigger but l don’t fancy a large project.


These hyacinths are in my kitchen and they smell awesome.
I’ve never had hyacinths before and l have really enjoyed watching these grow and flower

Something that doesn’t smell so nice is ········



This is what he looked like after this mornings walk.
He had been digging in the river.

He was slightly dirty so l threw stones into the river to clean him off. It didn’t work.

He found something interesting, started digging and came out twice as dirty.

He is a big boy of 1 year old tomorrow!

He is now settling down for the evening on the settee so l am going to do some knitting, yes, knitting is still happening occasionally.

Thanks for reading.x


About Tracey.

I craft, any craft will do.
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