I have now tried ——-

——- Free Motion Quilting.

I love it.

Earlier this week l made a wonky log cabin. That was such fun, using up some scraps.


Now, proper quilters ( if any of you are here ) turn away now.

I did research all this again, l do love researching things.

Well, this is what l came up with.

I placed the backing face down, put on the batting and placed the top face up.

Then l had a piece of copier paper ( 80gsm ) and cut it to size and drew a design freehand on it.
I had found websites where you can download and print off designs to use but l was too impatient.


I pinned the corners but the great thing was that once l started sewing the stitches kept the paper in place.

I used the free motion foot. I’m getting quute good at changing feet now, l only ever used the one foot in my old machine so this is great fun.

I sewed free motion, after dropping the feed dogs, straight through the paper.


The thing l found really strange with this is that when l sew normally, the material goes front to back. With the free motion foot and feed dogs down the material goes any which way you want it to.
The material can go sideways, front or back.
Its great.
It took abit of getting used to but it was fun.


I had a problem when my top cotton snapped and l rethreaded the machine.
Twice l did the bottom row of swirls and twice it made a great big mess on the back and l had to pull it out.
On the third time l realised that ( l think ) l had left the foot up while sewing.
My third attempt, with the foot down, worked perfectly.

The paper l had stitched through just pulls straight out leaving the stitches intact.

Brilliant isn’t it?

I’ve straightened it all off now, ready for practising binding again.

I’m considering buying one of those nifty little binding making things.
Basically the material is cut to size and fed through a flat tube which is wider at the end it goes in and thinner at the end it comes out. This makes it fold in on itself and as you pull it out and iron it, it looks like binding.
I’m still thinking about it as l want to buy a larger ruler too.
Mines 10.5″ square and l’d like a 6.5″ x 24″ one for longer cutting.


Tonight l have made this –


Its another notebook cover.

My friend has asked for one for her birthday on Monday.
She saw the ones l did for Christmas gifts.
These notebooks are bigger than those were, these are A5.
So l thought l had better have a practise before l cut into the material l have bought for hers.
Its a good job l did as the first attempt l was way off. Even this could do with being about 1/4″ bigger in height.
I know now for when l cut Ruths out.

I am amazed though at how much better my sewing is from when l made the ones before Christmas.
I know that is mostly down to the much better machine l am using.

I’m still knitting but not alot of progress has been made so l will leave you with 2 photos that are making me extremely happy at the moment.


Beautiful red tulips on my kitchen windowsill. I’m loving looking at these all day long.


Heres some potted hyacinths l bought a few weeks ago. I’ve never had these before but its really nice watching them grow.
They live on the side in the kitchen when its dark and l put them on the windowsill for the sunlight during the day.

I can’t wait for them to flower, they will be pink.

Thankyou for visiting.x


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3 Responses to I have now tried ——-

  1. A good friend of mine was in tears. She was trying to turn under 1/4 inch hem. Pretty straight forward, but “I can’t sew” she wailed. I gave it a try, looked at her, and immediately drove her to my favorite sewing machine store. It was her machine that couldn’t sew. She now makes quilts to show, and sell. She designs and sews dance costumes. It is amazing how we tell ourselves. we can’t do something when all we need are the proper tools.

  2. Right, you have inspired me to try Free Motion Quilting. For some reason the idea scares me as it sounded so difficult. I love yours.

  3. Lucy Ladley says:

    The tulips are beautiful & the quilting project is FUN!

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