One quilt ········

········· lots of photos.

I will not apologize for a photo heavy post.

My quilt was bound and finished last night and l don’t think l have ever been so proud of myself.

I don’t sew, l know theres quite abit of sewing content creeping in here but l don’t.

I am learning myself to sew, thanks to the internet and helpful people who blog tutorials.
Also thanks to the people of twitter who have held my hand every step of the way and have encouraged me when l thought it was impossible.
Also thanks must go to both twitter and facebook people who have congratulated me when things turn out right.

So, here is my finished lap quilt.

*drumroll please*


More pictures?
Oh, go on then. If l must.





Heres the back.


And the front again.


And the back.




Laid across the settee.


Where l would like to keep it, on my rocking chair in the hallway but l daren’t because of Sox.


Last one for today.


Isn’t it just beautiful?
I keep stroking it, smiling and whispering ‘ l made that ‘.

It measures 49 x 41″
I’m so glad l put the extra row on to make it rectangular rather than square.

I already had everything to make this apart from the batting, the binding and oh yes l bought the pins too. All the material was just taken from what l had.
Old clothes and thrifted sheets and duvet covers.

All in, l bet it cost me about £6 as the pins l will reuse so l’m not counting them.

It took me 16 days and many many hours online researching everything.

I now know how to install and use my walking foot and l love it.

There are a few mistakes, obviously.

My quilting lines aren’t perfectly straight. Once l’d got over that l decided to see it as part of its charm and now l love thet the lines are wonky.

I also messed up on 3 parts of the binding. When you sew the binding on, the sewn line below is supposed to be next to the binding beneath.
On 2 corners and maybe 3″ my stitches went into the binding.
Dark brown binding and white stitching – arggghhh!
Maybe l will colour them in with pen, maybe l won’t.

I love it regardless.

Now what shall l sew next?


About Tracey.

I craft, any craft will do.
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3 Responses to One quilt ········

  1. picperfic says:

    oh wow, congratulations!! That really is gorgeous..makes me want to get on with mine now. I’ve not made a proper quilt before, just a raggy edged one which was great fun to do. I have all the fabric and backing to make a quilt, not got the wadding yet though, or the time!!

  2. Lovely quilt and I really like the way your quilting has echoed the square.

  3. Lucy Ladley says:

    How exciting to finish your quilt! Thanks for sharing with us!

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