Sunday scenes.

Today was absolutely perfect for taking some photos.
Not so perfect for anything else as it was -2 outside and very very foggy.
In fact it was so cold that some frosty areas never cleared properly.

Sox went out for a 2 hour walk this morning with MrK and when he came home his coat was full of ice. It took ages for him to defrost and every time he shook he sounded like a rattle snake, it was so funny.

Heres some views of frost l took this morning.








Heres one l took this afternoon as the sun started setting.


All taken on my phone (blackberry 9700) and uploaded without any changes.
Its so much easier using my phone and the pictures are as good as l can take with the camera anyway.

This afternoon Sox asked to go out in the garden.
A few minutes later he came rushing in the house, stood up at the kitchen window barking like mad.
MrK went outside to see what was there and there was a ————— cat in the garden!
My big brave dog had come running in upset because there was a cat.

Later he asked to go out again and gingerly poked his head round the door to check it was safe before sitting by the door barking at the cat that was long gone.

He is such a big baby.


Here he is taking up all of the settee tonight.

I’ll be back tomorrow with some crafting content.

I hope everyones weekend has been as great as mine.


About Tracey.

I craft, any craft will do.
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One Response to Sunday scenes.

  1. Lucy Ladley says:

    Absolutely love the Frost pictures!

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