Thrifting Thursday.

I know l don’t have to do a post today but l have been thrifting in the local charity shops.

Obviously at the moment l am searching for fabric.
lt could be large fabric or a nice pattern on a piece of clothing.
It can even be worth buying clothing for nice buttons and zips and removing them.

Today l got lucky.


Heres 2 sheets l found.
One is a double, one a single and together they cost me a grand total of £2.
Yes, £2!!!!!
Theres alot of material there for me to play with.

They have a nice ‘vintage’ look to them, l think.
I’m still learning from reading other blogs and vintage fabric seems popular.
Flowery sheets seem to feature alot in vintage posts in crafty blogs.

I also found these.


Isn’t the paisley print fantastic?
Here is 2 pairs of new looking cotton pajamas.
Grand total altogether of £3!! Wow!

I can hardly wait to cut into these.

Maybe l should be buying fat quarters and quilting fabric from the shops but for now the fabric l can find will do for me.
Quilts will originally have been made from any fabric that could be found. There wouldn’t have been quilting shops around then.
So in a way l am following on with the theme of repurposing.


About Tracey.

I craft, any craft will do.
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