Changed my mind.

Its allowed, its my life and my blog.

I’m finding it very hard to continue with the 53 photos thingy.
Especially as this weeks theme is breakfast.
I’m not a breakfast person. I know l should be and how its the most important meal of the day but l just aren’t.

Todays breakfast was coffee and 2 ibuprofen before my dentist trip at 8.40am.

What l am going to do is continue to practice taking better photos and do a selection of my favourite 7 on Sunday.


This is one l took from my kitchen window with the phone at about 7.50 this morning.
The sky just looked so nice that l quickly grabbed my phone.

I would like to do more like this.

Photos that inspire me, rather than photos on themes l’d have to work at.

Anyway back to the dentist.
You will be pleased to know l was a big brave girl.
*Not really*.

It turned out that l hadn’t broken the tooth but l may have broken a cusp on the inside. Whike eating this then moved up pressing on the nerve.
This is a tooth, one of two that the dentist has wanted to remove for the past 2 years (at least).
Being such a baby, he finally told me to keep the tooth until it hurt as it would have to be an extraction then.

I had worked myself up into a real state today.
He told me the same today, he could take it out or l could wait to see if it hurt again. It might do, it might not.
As l had worked myself up so much l told him to take it out. I didn’t want to go through it all again.

I wore my headphones so l couldn’t hear the tooth crack. I still heard it but no where near as bad as l thought it would be.

In fact the whole experience wasn’t anywhere near as bad as l thought it would be.
(hopefully l can read this back when l go for the 2nd one out and realise l’ve no need to be so worried)
The dentist spoke to me throughout all the procedure, telling me exactly what he was doing.
All l felt was abit of pushing, pulling and twisting which because it was numb wasn’t painful at all, just strange and uncomfortable.

Of course l gripped onto the chair arms all the time and when it was over burst into tears while shaking like a leaf.

I think it was relief that it didn’t hurt.

Its been fine all day too although no pain could match the pain l was in on Sunday.

I’ll be back tomorrow with a normal crafting post.


About Tracey.

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One Response to Changed my mind.

  1. Lucy Ladley says:

    Glad you gave yourself the creative freedom to change your mind & photograph the things that give you the greatest joy! Bless you, your blog & photos are a blessing to me!

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