Marvellous Monday.

Apart from my mouth hurting, (dentist tomorrow at 8.40am) and Sox finding a dead rabbit on our walk this morning and insisting on carrying it with us l’ve had a lovely day.

It was my friends birthday so after walking Sox l met her for breakfast.

Of course l had to give her a birthday gift.

Here is what l made her.


She keeps chickens so a chicken doorstop seemed perfect.
I’m happy to say that she loved it.

This was so easy to make, l saw it on create and craft shopping site as a pin cushion and sized it up to make a doorstop.

Basically its 2 sides made from 2 sides of log cabin. Sewn together to make a chicken shape.

I’m hoping to make another for me so l will take photos to make my explanation easier.

I filled this with rice in an inner bag and then toy stuffing.
I’m really pleased with how it turned out and l was sorry to give it away – every house should have a chicken.

While out for breakfast l did a little bit of charity shopping.
Second hand duvet covers and sheets for quilting are probably frowned upon by ‘proper’ quilters but while l am learning they suit me just fine.
I wouldn’t dare to cut into some of the gorgeous quilting fabric available out there.

I’m always on the look out for neutral colours that l can use for backing. This is what l got today.


The beige was a single sheet the other 2 were double duvet covers.

I have a habit of just putting them away so this year l have decided to cut them into smaller manageable pieces when l get them home.


Duvet covers l cut into the front and back pieces. I then cut one of the pieces up into 4 if its a double and 2 if its a single. This way l will always have a large piece available for the back of quilts and the smaller pieces for cutting up.

I also found a large piece of this woven material for just £1.


Isn’t it lovely?
I think it could make a beautiful skirt for next autumn with leggings and boots.
I’m going to leave it until my sewing skills are better.

I have yet another finished pair of socks.


These are Esther socks. (ravelry link)
They are a lovely free pattern.
Before you start thinking l’m a human knitting machine, these were cast on the needles in January 26th 2011.
Yes they have taken me almost a full year to complete.
The wool is some l dyed myself and its fairly patchy but l am pleased with them.


They weren’t particularly hard just needed concentration. I’ve had little of that since Sox joined us last April so thats probably why they took so long.


About Tracey.

I craft, any craft will do.
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One Response to Marvellous Monday.

  1. Lucy Ladley says:

    Love the chicken quilted door stop! Just found this chicken coop company with cool chicken coops. Take Care! I love your blog!

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