A Friday finish.

These socks have been on the needles since November 6th 2011.

They were just a pick up, put down project so l’m not fussed they’ve taken so long.

I found them in the drawer this morning when they looked like this –


Now they look like this –



To be honest they only had about an hours work left on them so l must have got sidetracked with Christmas crafting.

Have you noticed my new sock blockers?


I’m not recommending them yet. I want to see how they go.
They were abit cheaper than most l have seen and actually feel abit rougher than l thought they would.
I only want them for photographs though so l can live with them.

Talking of photos, l have decided to try something new this year.

I did want to do the 365 project but can’t find an android app which would mean going on the laptop all the time.

So l searched and found this
I thought it looked fun, 53 themes, one for each week.
This week was ‘cold’. I decided to enter into the spirit properly and use the camera, (which also meant uploading onto the laptop).
Tonight l uploaded 3 photos and went to look at the list again and realised it says 2011. (duh).

I can’t find a list of themes for 2012 so l’ve decided to just carry on following the list.

Its only for me and only for fun so it doesn’t matter, l’ve also decided that l will probably use my phone to take the pictures. I always have it on me so it makes it easier.

Also l’m going to take the theme and run over the 7 days. I will blog about it on Sunday with the 7 photos taken over the week.

This is mainly to help me take better photos and also to help me think more about what l am seeing.

On this note l have also joined Blipfoto. I know l’m late to the party!
One photo every day, not too big a commitment.
If you want to find me l’m knittywittywoo. Although to be honest the photos will probably appear here too.

Thats it for today, everyones back in normal routine again and l love it.

I’m looking forward to showing my ‘cold’ photos to you on Sunday.


About Tracey.

I craft, any craft will do.
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One Response to A Friday finish.

  1. Lucy Ladley says:

    What lovely socks! Thanks for the blog & the great photos!

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