A Tuesday post?

Yes, l know l said l would post Monday, Wednesday and Friday and today is none of those.

Its ok though as there is no crafting content at all.

MrK went back to work today which meant me and Boy9 had to take over Sox walking duties this morning.

Of course, the weather is the worst we could have.

Luckily by 9am the rain had stopped or Boy9 might have refused to go. It was still windy though.

We set off up the road.

We then go into a lane round a large field and back along the river.

Well today as all this is at the foot of the moor the whole walk was like a river.

This is the lane we walk up, not the river. Its usually loose stones.


It was quite scary in places as it was quite deep and rushing quickly.

The volume of water has removed all the top stones from the lane and started moving the road surface.

At the top of the photo above is a gate, leading into the field we walk round.

This is the view back down the lane once we got through the gate.


Luckily for us the water was going down the side of the track we walk round the field on.

There is a ditch there, to the left of the photo, which is usually almost empty.

Today the water was coming over the top of the ditch and the photo above is the result of water meeting at the corner of 2 fields.

Luckily the rest of the walk wasn’t too bad until we had completed a circle and got back onto the lane once more.

I’m just thankful it had stopped raining by the time we walked.

After having a nice hot shower l settled down with Boy9 for a hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows with a nice chocolate orange cookie.

Yes, thats what l use to bribe Boy9 to walk Sox with me.


I have enjoyed the rest of the day by doing housework and getting everywhere to look normal once more.

Its still very very windy outside but luckily we have no where else we need to go.

Hope your day is going well.


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One Response to A Tuesday post?

  1. Lucy Ladley says:

    The lane really did have a lot of water, WOW! Ending the day with a nice cup of hot chocolate with your son sounded quite nice! Love your blog!

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