My first attempt at quilting.

Never ever done quilting before this one but it seemed a good idea early November to make one for a Christmas gift.

I love this one.


The idea started with the embroidery on the cushion.

I downloaded a printable from Creative paige blog and decided to embroider it.

It then sat around for ages as l didn’t know what to do with it.

I was going to buy a cushion cover and applique it into the front but a twitter friend wrote a great tuition for making zipless cushions and it was so easy.

Link is here

I used the same fabric as l used in the quilt and they look fantastic together.

The squares on the quilt top are 6″ and l think l did it 7×7 squares. Its a nice size as a lap quilt.


In the bottom right square if the quilt l embroidered the word love to match the cushion.

I don’t know if its the difference in material – this one was made from second hand duvet covers and the pink / turquoise one was cotton but this one was so much easier to sew. I think it must be because the material was heavier. So l’ve learnt a leasson for next time.

I’m now on the look out for a machine l can use for quilting.

Mines a toyota and just really basic.

At the very least l need a walking foot, these were done with just a normal foot.

I’d love a new machine l could use just for quilting.

This year l’d like to learn to sew my own clothes so it would be better if l could have a machine for both and save me changing things every time l want to sew.

As a first try at quilting l was very pleased with this. It has definately made me want to do more.

Hope everyone enjoyed a great Christmas.


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3 Responses to My first attempt at quilting.

  1. Lucy Ladley says:

    I am a new quilter also. Using my 41 year old singer machine. The new machines like Bernina are $1,000’s of dollars. So, I decided since my machine can sew a straight line, I’d make it work. It will be fun to keep up with your quilting. I’ve only done a table runner at this point. Just got some fabric on sale at for a Christmas Quilt 2012. Hope I’ll follow through & have it completed by then. Hugs to you. Love your blog!

  2. socksformum says:

    What a great idea! I love it and think I might do this to a teensy crosstitch bear that I never framed!

  3. reddskinbags says:

    and what a wonderful cushion it is too! Thanks for the mention – So glad that my first tutorial was helpful. More to follow.
    Well done you!
    K x

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