All ready for gifting.


Ruth is my best friend.

Ruth helped me through my very stressful wedding 5 years ago.

A month afterwards she taught me to knit and so began my journey through wool, fibre, spinning and weaving.

My crafty obsession is all her fault really.

Every Christmas l bake Millionaires shortbread for her. Its abit of a tradition now.

I only bake it at Christmas so the wonderful smells filling my kitchen this morning put me in a very Christmassy mood. Especially as the radio was on so me and Boy9 were singing away merrily to Christmas songs.

Now you don’t know this but back in late October / early November the sewing bug really bit me and l just had to have a go.

There is nothing like trying to teach yourself a new craft just before Christmas with the aim of gifting the results. No, not stressful at all. ( l’m lying ).


This is the 2nd of 2 lap quilts l have made.

The 1st one l will show you later.

Pink and turquoise are Ruths favorite colours so l combined them to make a nice sized lap quilt.

The squares are 6″ each and l backed it with black.

For the quilting l just went one way with echo stitch (?).

Sewing 1/4″ each side of the seams.


I did the quilting in black.

It looks great from the top, coloured side and you can’t see the stitching from the back.

It’s not perfect but thats the great thing about a friend like Ruth. She loves my handmade gifts and really appreciates the time and love that goes into making them.


The item in the post below is also for Ruth.

Did you guess what it is?

Its a nose warmer as she is always complaining her nose is cold when we walk the dogs.

I have wrapped it up ready for Sunday. She will love it.

* Quilters will probably realise l haven’t a clue what l am talking about. Please be patient with me, l am longing to learn *


About Tracey.

I craft, any craft will do.
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One Response to All ready for gifting.

  1. Lucy Ladley says:

    Love your quilting & baking!!!!

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