Last gift finished.

I can now start showing you some of the gifts l have finished for Christmas this year.

These Fallberry mitts weren’t supposed to be in the Christmas gift pile.

I actually started them for myself.

I then decided that my Mum would probably like them and l would like a pair in red or green.

I went to buy red / green wool for myself at the weekend and came home with a big bag of 10 light blue.

They were reduced as a bag of 10 for £8.

I couldn’t leave them and it is a nice blue colour and 80p a ball.

My mitts will look lovely in blue.

This pattern is now going to be one of my favorites.

Its the kind of pattern l enjoy, one where the finished item looks hard but it is in fact surprisingly easy to do.
It needed 2.75mm needles which l didn’t have so l used 2.5mm and knit the larger size. It worked well.

Thats me done for Christmas crafting now.

I have just made a batch of Christmas shortbread from the last post – (Flora doesn’t work by the way.) for my Dad and a little bit of wrapping and l’m all done.

I will start posting my Christmas makes over the holiday time, if l get the time.



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One Response to Last gift finished.

  1. Lucy Ladley says:

    Beautiful Mitts!!!!!

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