Christmas cinnamon shortbread anyone?

I know l have been quiet here lately, mainly as its coming up for Christmas and almost everything l have made has been for gifts.
I’ll start showing them shortly, hopefully everyone will be too busy to stalk my blog.

I am almost done.
In face l was done and then decided the fingerless mitts l am knitting for myself would make a nice gift for someone.
I am almost halfway through the 2nd mitt so finishing hopefully in the next couple if days.

To say l wasn’t making any gifts this year l have made more than usual.
I am pleased with everything l have done though and l hope they are well received too.

All thats left is the baking.

I always make my friend a tub of millionaires shortbread so that will have to be done Friday probably.

Today though l have been making easy peasy cinnamon shortbread.

Its the first time l have made shortbread and it was easy. I used Lurpak which l don’t think was the best. I have another lot on the go with some Flora buttery which l use in almost all my baking usually. I’ll let you know how that lot turns out.

The shortbread is going to work with MrK tomorrow. Theres only him and his sister at work but theres always lots of people popping in to help them eat the goodies l send.

Give the recipe a go, its easy and tastes wonderful.


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One Response to Mmmmmmmm.

  1. picperfic says:

    thank you!! I’m feeling a bit flumpy today and needed something to do to get me out of this horrid mood…I shall let you know how i get on!

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