A productive day.




Today has been one of those days, you know the ones where you don’t seem to have done alot, until you look back and realise you’ve done loads.

I’ve made a lasagne.
I love making lasagne. I never thought l could do one until Hubs bought me Jamie Olivers book 2 years ago.
My lasagne is now loosely based on his. I just throw whatever l have to hand in it.
Todays has green peppers as the extra. I love Jamies recipe as it has butternut squash and it really makes it taste lovely but they are tiny and expensive in the shops at the moment so l improvised.
Mine makes 8 generous portions so 6 get frozen.

I’ve also made two Key Lime pies.
I use my friends recipe for this and its delicious.
This was actually a lime and lemon one as one of the limes just wouldn’t give me any juice so l added a lemon too.
It tasted just as nice.

We have one left. I think Hubs is taking it to work tomorrow to share out.

No, we haven’t eaten a whole one. Although the amount in the above bowl is a more than generous portion.

I had both pies on a shelf in the fridge and one fell off.

I have started doing my washing on a night time so its ready to hang out in the morning if its fine and while my washer was on the spin cycle the pie fell off the shelf and into the fridge door, so we ate what we could of that one. Mmmmmmm, lovely.

I have also finished the green socks.

They only needed kitchening on one toe so l have just sat and done that now.

A finished project, that feels so good.

The green was on a cone l bought from the charity shop for 50p. Theres about 350 – 400g on it.
I have no idea what it is but it said 4ply superwash so l assume it is wool.

I don’t particularly like it. Its quite rough and my stitches all look wonky and misshapen. I wouldn’t use it for gifting but it will be fine for in my boots and Sox walking.

I’ve also added about 5 squares to the sunburst crochet blanket. I’m loving it.

I’m going to have to order some more yarn though. My LYS won’t have it in until the end of the week and its £1.99 a ball.
I can order it online at £1.35 a ball.

Even with the postage added its cheaper to order online than it is to walk 10 minutes down the road.

I’m torn as l really like our LYS owner but l’m also skint so may have to order online, especially if l do decide to do the giant granny square for my friend.

So, all in all, a day in which l thought l had done nothing l have actually achieved quite abit.

Add to that, walking Sox, having a coffee with my friend after we’d walked, having my gas boiler serviced and hanging washing out this morning .plus time spent with Boy8 after school and my days been quite full.

I’ve loved every minute.


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