Too much.


I have come to the decision that l have too many WIP’s on the go.

Without going and looking these are the ones l remember.

Plain green socks, just needs 2nd sock kitchenering.

Plain blue socks, at heel almost on both.

Heathers mittens, started 2nd mitten.

Camilla mittens, 1/3rd of way through 2nd mitten.

Lily scarf, just 5 crocheted motifs completed.

Esther socks, 1/2 way through 2nd sock.

Sock scrap blanket, been on the go forever and just started joining squares.

Ruffle scarf, about 1/3rd way through but hate the yarn.

Starburst blanket, keep picking up occasionally. ( see photo ).

So there we have it, way too many projects on the go.

The green socks l have no excuse for. 1 toe needs to be completed and has done for 2 days. I kitchenered the other toe yesterday as l wanted the needles for the heel of the blue sock.

Both lots of mittens have been put aside as they are colourwork and my concentration time has been limited since Sox arrived.

The blankets are both crochet and are easier projects to pick up while Sox is around and they were always going to be long projects.

I have decided that l will not cast on for any more projects until l have completed at least one from the list above. ( except the ruffle scarf as l really hate the yarn and the way it twists ).

This decision could be hard as l want to do a giant granny square lap blanket in fushia and turquoise ( her choice ) for a friend.
I also have some sunny yellow handspun wound ready for a cowl.

Well Hubs and Boy8 have gone to the cinema, Sox is asleep in garage so l am going to drink my coffee and maybe work a while on the sunburst blanket.


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One Response to Too much.

  1. I always have about a dozen projects going at once, and always have!

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