Remember this?


No, its not finished but l am having some second thoughts on it.
See how all the squares are different sizes as l was using up scrap sock yarn.
I then did a border on each square of a round each of white, taupe and beige.
I have this week bought 500g of a light beige with the intention of using it to border the squares and make them all the same size then join them together.


I am thinking that these squares do vary quite abit and its not unthinkable that l’d have to buy some more of the light beige.

My thoughts now are to rip back the bigger squares, some are 14 rounds and make them the same size as the medium squares. I could then border them in grey that l have about 400g of and join them together.

If l don’t do this l can just see it costing me more and more money. Money that l don’t necessarily have.

Today l am going to take the time to lay them out and then count the rounds to find the most reasonable size to possibly rip back to.

There is no rush for this blanket its only for me and accirding to Ravelry l started it in 2006, so definately no rush. I’d just like to get it finished without it costing any more money.


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