Decision made.


Well, l went to the studio and laid some squares out on the floor.
I looked at the different sizes and made a decision.

I have lods of squares, l mean loads.
Some were complete with the 3 edgeing colours and some were waiting to be edged.
There would have been alot of extra work to do to fill in and make all the squares the same size so l made a decision.

8 rounds seems a pretty good size so l am now ripping back to make all the squares 8 rounds.

Then l will do a round of grey and join the squares as l go.

The grey will also act as a neutral to hopefully stop it looking too busy.

The blanket now won’t be as big as l originally hoped but as l am always knitting socks l can add on to it.

If the centre is kept square shaped it doesn’t matter if l run out of the grey as l can join new blocks around with a different colour.

It is amazing me how satisfying it is to be ripping out all the past few months of work but it is making me happier to have an actual plan.

As l started this project without a plan its nice to now have one.

I suppose the moral here is – start with a plan.


About Tracey.

I craft, any craft will do.
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